July Print of the Month: Left Mitten

Left Mitten of Monument ValleyThings are finally getting somewhat back to normal.  While I was away on the western photography trip I had my workstation in the shop for some upgrades and only received it back last week.  It has taken me a while to get all of the image editing software, profiles, and settings back in place (and I still have some work to do on the video side of things), but I am finally working up some of the images from the trip.  I am very excited about the work and can't wait to share it with you.  I wanted to first share a view of the left Mitten in Monument Valley taken at sunset.  

Monument Valley is such a wonderful place full of history and a grand setting for naturally spectacular light displays.  On this evening the sun was brilliant against a clear blue sky and what caught my eye was the familiar foreground rock set against the left Mitten.  The big enticement at a scene like Monument Valley is to take in the entire scene with a wide angle or panoramic stitch.  But on this occasion I was led to the wonderful light highlighting the rugged rockiness of the foreground rock and equally rugged left Mitten.

This image is now available at a very special price for the month of July.  You can see the image and pricing by clicking on the image or clicking on this link.  

Why is it a Mitten?  Well if you look at the entire scene you will see a counterpart butte to the left Mitten that has a "thumb-like" appendage sticking up in a way that resembles a "mitten."  You can see the entire scene here at this panorama taken in 2004.   

I hope you enjoy the image and please stay tuned for much more from the Colorado Plateau.