Spaceweather-want to see an aurora?

Sometimes I have to chuckle at our technology today and what we can do vs. just a few years ago. One of the great aids to photographing the night sky is the website One of the main features of Spaceweather is the presentation of geomagnetic storm data and the uncanny ability to now predict when an aurora will take place. Not only can we predict the aurora, but the prediction is pretty darn accurate as to how far south one could expect to see the aurora. On December 14 an aurora event took place and the predictions were dead on target. The website is full of wonderful aurora photographs from that particular display from Norway to Arizona! You can even register for an "aurora alert" that will notify you as to when an aurora is likely to occur at your location. I just think that is so awesome! There are many other astronomical measurements at Spaceweather as well from asteroids to the ISS. But for me and other fellow photographers, nothing is more useful than the aurora prediction capability and for that I am at the same time grateful and awed by our technological capabilities of today.