We are...Marshall!

Today marks an historic day for my community and Alma mater. Last April, Hollywood came to Huntington, WV to begin telling the story of tragedy and survival. Today "We are...Marshall!" is released in theaters across the nation. The story is true and I believe will touch the hearts of all who see it. It is hard for me to be objective about the whole story so I won't offer a review of the movie here, but I can share with you that I believe the movie will touch your heart in a special way. In some ways, the movie helps to explain many Huntingtonians "can do" attitude in the face of what can be overwhelming odds to succeed given our economic misfortunes in the Appalachia region. Director McG has described the movie as one about tragedy and how a community deals with grieving and starts on a path toward survival and ultimately success. If you are looking for an uplifting movie this holiday season, I believe you will find this one will meet your needs. If you have a moment this holiday season, take in some cinematic art and view We are...Marshall!

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