Getting closer to AP gear decisions!

OK, things are getting very clear now. I have settled on the 135 f2 Canon L lens for my main imaging lens for the next few months. After comparing the field of view with the 200mm, I really like the compositions I have in mind for the 135mm much better. Reviews for the 135 are very good and like I mentioned before, Loke Tan's work with the lens is excellent. I am not 100% sure on the camera yet. It is between the Hutech modified Canon 350D or the XTi. From my readings it appears that the 350D may have some advantages for one night sessions over the XTi and therefore be the most appropriate camera for my needs. The mount is a G11 which will be most graciously loaned to me by my very good friend Dave Tolley. So, the Astro-Photography picture is getting very clear and I am hoping to pursue my first compositions this summer. Stay tuned for further updates.

Update: The weather did not cooperate for photographic opportunities of the Lunar Eclipse, but we did catch some of the reddish glow of the total eclipse during the early moments of the penumbra eclipse. The clouds parted just enough to see the beautiful glow on the totally eclipsed portion of the moon.