Astrophotography night out

Last night was my first opportunity to re-visit the night sky with astrophotography. The night was a complete success technically-meaning that all gear worked as planned and image acquisition was dead-on. The only issue was that the Clear Sky Clock (astronomer's main source for weather conditions) missed a small system of high cirrus clouds coming in from Ohio and it really reduced contrast in the southern Milky Way area. The imaging system is a modified Canon 350D and 135mm f2 L lens. The target last night was the Rho Ophiuchus area. The camera gear is riding on top of my friend Dave Tolley's G11 mount with a TV101 scope used for final polar alignment. It was a great night of practice for me since it has been nearly 4 years since I last imaged. I am very enthusiastic about the compositions to come from this setup and I am hoping for clear skies in the near future to work on these new astronomical images. Take care and stay tuned for more.