Loxahatchee River Print of the Month

I hope this message finds you all well. In February, I visited south Florida with my mother and sister. My professional purpose to the trip was to visit the Ansel Adams exhibit near Jupiter, to visit the Clyde Butcher gallery, and to photograph the locations that Mr. Butcher has introduced to me over the years. One of those locations is the Loxahatchee River near Jupiter. It is a narrow body of water with alligators lurking along the banks keeping a watchful eye on paddlers as they navigate the tight twists and turns around Cypress and other trees just beneath the water line. My favorite composition from this visit involved the Canon 24mm tilt/shift lens. The tilt/shift permitted me to raise the field of view above the water line without tipping the camera up toward the sky which then introduces a severe angle of the trees. By using the upward shift of the lens I was able to keep the trees perpendicular in the image. The image also took advantage of modern RAW conversion in Adobe Lightroom where the huge dynamic range was compressed into a presentable format for both the web and on fine art paper. I hope you enjoy the image and get to visit this lovely area.

Loxahatchee River Print of the Month for September