On-Line Education Webinar is now posted...

Recently, two fellow astro-imagers joined me for a webinar where we discussed utilizing Adobe Light Room for processing RGB astronomical images.  What a wonderful way to share information and provide education in today's world.  This archived webinar serves as an example of the new on-line educational services I am providing.  You can now access this highly customized one-on-one training from the comfort of your digital darkroom.  You and I will share applications and discuss ways to optimize your landscape or astronomical images in real-time.  It is a wonderful way to achieve your vision of the final image you captured in the field or under the stars. 

For more information on the services and to see the webinar, please go to Purchase, Digital Photography Education from the main menu. 

I hope you enjoy the presentation and simply email me if you would like to schedule a one-hour on-line session today.