The iPad Photo

How fortunate would one be to land a photo on the next great product launch from Apple?  Yes, I am an Apple geek and watched the entire iPad presentation, twice.  Of course one of the first things to catch my eye was the photo background of the iPad.  It was a lovely twilight lake scene, but on second and third glimpses it looked like there were star trails on the image.  Yes, a night scene had landed on the iPad.  That only increases my longing for the product:-)  The Onsight blog provided a link to another blog, PDN Pulse, which identified the photograph and its owner, Richard Misrach. The title of the image is "Pyramid Lake." 

Please check out a little bit of the story from the PDN link and you can see the photo as well as others from Richard Misrach from the link above.  Congratulations to you Mr. Misrach.