Maybe the best...

We are nearing the end of what may have been the greatest night under the stars I have ever had. The sky has been crystal clear all night with no trace of dew to be found. The horizon was clear and transparent which permitted the imaging of one of my favorite objects, eta carinae. Eta just clears the horizon in the Florida keys and I have not had a good opportunity to image on previous trips. But tonight proved different and I had an excellent opportunity to image the nebula. I am very excited about the image possibilities with eta.

Viewing through binoculars has been outstanding with views of our our old friends like omega centauri. Naked eye treats like the southern cross were spectacular.

Right now the summer milky way is rising high overhead with the pipe dark nebula standing out in stark contest to the bright milky way core.

Yep this just may be the best night I have ever had under the stars. What a treat and I am most thankful to God for the opportunity to view His wonderful creation