Kool Tac and Perma Lon-no orange peel here

Dry mounting photographic prints has been, at times, a necessary evil.  I always tried to avoid a dry mount, but for large prints on glossy papers it was necessary.  One of the biggest problems of dry mounting was the "orange peel" look of the surface of the print once it was dry-mounted.  The term is extremely accurate in describing the look, the print surface would look like that of an orange, especially when viewed at oblique angles.  

I am very fortunate to live in Huntington, WV which is home to a regional wholesale framer and distributor, Mayne Framing and Supply.  The experts there recently educated me on a new mounting option free from the orange peel effect.  There are actually two products involved, one is the mounting board and the other is the adhesive for the print.  The dry mount board is Kool Tack and the adhesive is Perma Lon.  The two together produce outstanding results.  

I have now mounted both glossy and matte papers with the Kool Tac/Perma Lon combination and simply love the results.  The surface of the print is really just as smooth as the surface of the actual paper.  Little to no mounting/dry board texture can be seen on the prints.  They are simply beautiful.  

Now the photographer has a mounting option that gets out of the way of the print and lets the viewer become more engaged in the print.  I highly recommend Kool Tac/Perma Lon for your photographic mounting needs.

Here are two links for you.

Kool Tac/Perma Lon

And if you are looking for a distributor, I highly recommend Mayne Framing.