Eta Carinae Prints...finally!

Eta Carinae NebulaI love both landscape and astrophotographic prints.  But there is no comparison between the two when it comes to making prints.  The astro-prints are far more difficult.  For several days now I have worked tirelessly on producing a portfolio quality print of the Eta Carinae nebula.  I believe I finally have that print tonight.  

I am preparing prints for an upcoming art show in Louisville, KY and, as always, I am experimenting with some new techniques.  The paper used at the present time is the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag mat paper.  Working with a new profile from Image Print, the print is looking very nice.  I am awaiting a relatively new paper, Canson Baryta, to evaluate over the weekend.  I will compare the two best prints on these two papers and then go with the best. 

This past few days only builds upon on upcoming Podcast theme on "Unseen Hours."  Look for the podcast soon as well as others and more new information.  Thanks for your interest in my photography and contact me with any questions or comments.  Take care.