Fine Art Booth Display at Myrtle Beach

Had a wonderful time at the Craftsman Classic Show in Myrtle Beach and continued to vacation with the family afterwards.  It was hot as you might guess and what a wonderful time to have an indoor show!  Met many wonderful people and had some great discussions about art and photography as well as the cosmos.  

One customer made the comment that I didn't expect but was overjoyed when they said that "I see God in your photographs."  That really said it all and made my show.  

I met many new customers, signed several folks up for the email newsletter, and had a registration for the Water workshop next May.  

For those who didn't make it to the show, I have posted a video where I walk through the booth and give you a brief glimpse of what the presentation looked like.  

The next show is in Pittsburgh the last weekend in August.  For more information please see the "Purchase-Art Show" page in the menu above.