Myrtle Beach Show and Inception

Well I just had about 5 paragraphs deleted and so I am going to make this short.  My apologies.  

If you are in Myrtle Beach August 6-8 please stop by the convention center to visit my fine art photography.  This will be my largest presentation to date and should look fantastic.  

A word about Inception.  Unfortunately I just had the computer delete a long dissertation on this movie and I don't have time to repeat.  Bottom line...go see the movie.  It is simply why movie theaters were built.  Many focus on the story and visuals, and while they are obviously important, it is the soundtrack that elevates this movie to the upper echelon.  Much like E.T., Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia, Gone with the Wind, and many of the great movies, a soundtrack that not only stands on its own but complements the visuals so perfectly adds to the emotional impact of the movie like nothing else.  The Hans Zimmer score is possibly one of the best soundtracks in years and one of the all-time greats.  It perfectly compliments the movie and is a joy to listen to on its own.  I place a high value on movie ticket prices and sit through a lot of bad and mediocre movies.  While the visual impact can be approximated in the home theater, the sound impact simply cannot no matter what Dolby  system you have.  Not only that, but this movie requires your focus with minimal distractions.  If you enjoy movies at all, please see Inception at your earliest convenience.

Hope to update you from the Myrtle show.  Until then take care.