Northern Cygnus from Green Bank Star Quest 2018

A new image was added today from the recent Green Bank Star Quest.  

The bright star in the field is Deneb, one of the stars of the summer triangle. The uncanny likeness of the two closest nebulae to Deneb to the North America continent and a Pelican are remarkable. The Butterfly Nebula is located off of the second brightest star in the image, Sadr. The North American Nebula is a great visual target with binoculars from a dark sky site. It is larger and more diffuse than most observers realize. The highest contrast area is in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico. For a detailed notation of the area, please see this link.

Image acquisition: Taken at the Green Bank Star Quest 2018. A test of new Rokinon 85mm f1.4 shot at f4. No guiding for the 20 five minute exposures. All processing in Pixinsight.