Cave Nebula: Sh2-155 in Hydrogen Alpha light

Increasing my imaging time was a top priority this winter. So, many experiments have been conducted with narrow band and light pollution filters from my backyard. It has been many years since my days of narrow band imaging with an SBIG ST10 and Halpha filter.

From the zenith to the south I have fairly decent skies. The further north of the zenith the lights from Huntington start to be a problem.

I know that a modified DSLR is not very efficient for narrow band imaging, but it is what I have decided to use for multiple reasons and so, it is what I have. I think with enough data and drizzle techniques, the camera is quite capable of doing narrow band imaging.

The image acquisition details are as follow:

  • AP 130GT with .75 telecompressor

  • Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO mount

  • Modified Canon T5i

  • Astronomik Hydrogen Alpha 12nm CCD clip filter

  • 24 exposures x 15 minutes each for a total of 6 hours at ISO 1600

  • Data acquired 10/18/2018 and 12/17/2018.