Eagle Nebula from Spruce Knob, WV (Almost Heaven Star Party 2019)

My access to the sky below 0 degrees declination is very limited. That means I must travel to image an object like M16-The Eagle Nebula. On the first night we had very nice conditions early in the evening that afforded me the opportunity to take a late summer run at The Eagle Nebula. In 1995, the Hubble telescope captured one of the most iconic images of our universe to date-the Pillars of Creation. Those pillars are in the central part of the brightest section of the nebulosity in this image. I will never forget when that image was published. It captured the imagination of the entire world at the time. For details on the image, please see this link to the Astrobin page. I hope you enjoy the image and that it spurs in you a moment to contemplate the miracle of the creation of our universe.