Apple's other update

While all iPhone uses were upgrading to 3.0, and it is a nice upgrade, Apple also made some very nice enhancements to their Safari web browser. I hadn't really seen anything about this upgrade and was pleasantly surprised to see some new features. Two new features that I love are tied to the "new tab" request. Upon forming a new tab the surfer is presented with a screen of previously visited top websites by you in a portfolio presentation of images. I love this and it makes browsing my favorite sites even easier than pulling down a bookmark. In addition, the user can browse or search for previously searched webpages. This webpage looks just like the iTunes page of album art search for movies or music. These two features have not only made Safari my preferred browser on the MAC, but I have now upgraded to the Safari 4.0 on my Windows machines and I love it. Check it out if you haven't already, especially if you are a tab browser.

A bit of an update: There is a "Top Sites" icon at the top left of the browser that pops up the top 12 sites you visit. This actually may replace tabbed browsing. Finally, Apple has applied their creativity and genius in user interface to the web browser!!!