The only mount I will ever need

You may never have heard of the Astro-Physics Mach1 GTO mount before, but it is a beautiful piece of equipment that should prove to be the only mount I will ever need. I have had experience with numerous astrophotography mounts over the years including the Losmandy GM8, G11, and Titan as well as the Astro-Physics 600E QMD, 600E GTO, 900 GTO, and 1200 GTO. The Mach1 offers the astro-imager the most rigid and stable mount in a very portable package. The mount is capable of being used in a fixed location observatory or as a portable mount for remote high mountain imaging from the darkest skies possible.

Any mount this size eventually has a limitation as to how big of a scope it can carry. But my astro-imaging compositions require relatively small instruments and I don't believe my scope requirements will ever outgrow the capabilities of the Mach1.

I just received the mount last week and have begun familiarizing myself with the functions and performance. My plan is to image with it next new moon and I hope to have results for you a few days after that.

So until then...clear skies to you all and may you have wonderful photographic opportunities.