Astrophotography revisited

Well, I am starting to get an itch to return to astrophotography. If I do, it is only because I feel that there is something unique I might be able to bring to the genre. I have been casually thinking about how to do it and here are some of my thoughts. First, it must be extremely convenient. What do I mean by this? Well, the equipment cannot be monstrous and I must be able to accomplish a significant image acquisition in one night. This means that I need to acquire enough data in one night to come up with a portfolio quality image. So that leads me to looking into fast short refractors, DSLRs, and very portable mounts with accurate tracking which require no autoguiding. The lead candidate for refractor is the Tak FSQ. The camera would be a modified Canon DSLR and the mount would be the new Astro-Physics Mach1. All of these together would yield a very light-weight setup, virtually airline transportation capable. I have no interest in investing in an off-site remote imaging station in the high elevations of New Mexico or Arizona. I primarily want a setup that I can take out on a clear night and get some significant imaging accomplished. When I get the chance to take the system to a remote location for an extended amount of time, the imaging system that I have chosen will more than meet those needs. So, just thinking out loud on what may or may not ever happen, but it is fun to think about.