Can it be done?

I have been researching the latest in astrophotography since my last photograph was taken nearly 3 years ago now. I am not sure I can do what I set out to do in my original post a few days ago. There are plenty of opportunities with scenic astrophotography with my current camera gear and I am preparing to explore those. My first efforts will be with next Saturday's Lunar eclipse at evening twilight. I have a composition in mind and I am hopeful for cooperative skies. But as far as imaging with a telescope, I am not sure I can setup a simple imaging system capable of acquiring quality data in one night of imaging. The major question I have is whether I can accomplish this without autoguiding. Astrophotography is complicated enough and the equipment starts to pile up unbelievably. I am trying to avoid the "need" for a computer at the telescope and thus eliminate an autoguiding setup. Autoguiding requires a separate scope, more batteries for computer and autoguider, and more cables. My hope is that I can image with the FSQ and focal reducer at f3.6 for at least 5 minutes with the Mach1 mount with periodic error correction turned on and calibrated. Will this work? I don't know, but I am in the process of evaluating the setup and its capabilities on paper at least. Stay tuned and hope for clear skies next Saturday.