September Print of the Month: The Wave

September Print of the Month: The WaveThe September Print of the Month has just been released.  Not only is this image the September Print of the Month, but it will also make its debut in my upcoming Atlanta show this weekend.  So be the first to see the print either at the show or by ordering your special print of the month today!

This month's print comes from my most recent visit to the American Southwest. The slot canyons of the desert are amazing places where light, form, and texture reveal the powerful force of water in nature.  Carved from high pressure flowing water, the sandstone of the slot canyons present to the viewer an intricate wave of textures and colors that are visions one will not soon forget.

The mix of color is made up of reflecting light bouncing off of side canyon walls in addition to the bright blue sky lighting up rock formations that are exposed to the sky directly.

This particular image is a blend of 5 frames to compensate for the very high dynamic range of the scene. The light in the final print is certainly faithful to the light one experiences while there in person.  The limitations of the CMOS sensor in the camera must be overcome by utilizing high dynamic range blending techniques.

This image is stunning in its archival framed or matted presentation.  Each framed presentation is complete with museum quality glass which provides anti-reflection enjoyment of the print as well as protection against harmful ultraviolet light rays.  The framed print looks fantastic in any room.

Please contact me with any questions you may have on the print and I hope you find a place in your home or office for this very special piece.


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