Pipe to Rho Ophiuchus with Jupiter

Finally….had a chance to work up the first composition from the Green Bank Star Quest in June. It was my first panoramic panel in quite a while, so the re-learning curve was a little steep. We don’t often get conditions that permit us to image at the declination of Rho, but in June we had two nights of great southern transparency. This is a 2 panel panoramic with 2 hours of data for each panel. I just love imaging Rho area every year. I can’t wait to get to the southern hemisphere and see this area arching straight overhead! I hope you enjoy this composition. I went with the composition in spite of Jupiter invading our delicate Milky Way field. I think Jupiter adds a little umph to the image. The image is archived in the CCD/CMOS section of the website and also on astrobin at this link. Have a great day!