M8 and M21 Two Panel Mosaic from Green Bank Star Quest

2019 Green Bank Star Quest had some exceptional weather, especially nice transparency in the southern sky which doesn’t always happen. The nice weather afforded the opportunity to put together two mosaics from the event. The Pipe Rho Ophiuchus was taken early in the week and this M8/M21 vertical mosaic was taken last.

This was my first dark sky outing with the Astro-Physics 92mm Stowaway/ZWO ASI 294MC combination. And I am extremely happy with the imaging setup. The GBSQ also afforded great imaging time experience with the latest ASI Air app. It proved to be very helpful in constructing mosaics on the spot. The plate solving function is absolutely amazing.

The mosaic is two panels of 4 hours each with sub-frames of 15 minutes. Processing in Pixinsight, Photoshop, and quite a bit with Light Room. Hope you enjoy this great part of the Milky Way. More images and mosaics are in the oven. Stay tuned.