Test of iPhone app

I hope to blog regularly from the winter star party next month. I plan on using an app provided by my web host and so this is a test of that interface. The attached image is from our church choir practice tonight. It is a two panel pano constructed on the iPhone. I hope to be able to upload video but not sure about all of the details. Take care

What to do?

You may or may not know that my professional career has been in pharmaceutical sales.  For 23 years I have worked for sanofi-aventis and legacy companies Aventis, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Marion-Merrell-Dow, and Marion Laboratories.  On Monday I was notified that my services were no longer needed as part of the most recent downsize of the company.  Over 750 reps received that information that day and I pray for their futures. 

The pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. is largely in decline with only small glimmers of hope in the biotech arena.  Fewer product approvals every year and big revenue products coming off of patent only foretell more downsizing of the industry in the future. 

So now...what to do?  That is what I spend my every waking moment discerning.  I am not discounting much of anything at the present time.  Everything from teaching to financial services to day-trading to healthcare to law school are all in play.  I ask for your prayers as I and my family go through the process.  In the meantime, this website will largely serve as a place of comfort.  Working and posting new images are the most safisying activies I engage in and I hope to be able to continue to do so here with some consistency.  This refuge will serve as a break from the pressures of career search and job hunting.  Thanks so much for your involvement with this website and your prayers.  Who knows, maybe I will become a full-time photographer!  Take care and until next time.   

Hello again!

My apologies for being absent. The past few weeks I have been training for a Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride. Yes, I was new to biking as well, so it was a lot of effort to get ready for the 150 mile ride over two days. The ride went very well and I am getting very comfortable on the bike now. I am even a few pounds lighter now! There is a lot going on right now with photography and I will provide updates over the next few posts. Both astrophotography and landscape photography efforts are under way. I am also learning some new ways of presenting images and will be sharing my experiences here on the blog on that as well. So just wanted to touch base again and wish you well. See you soon with more info. Take care.

"Slow music for fast times" - Highly Recommended

I have been a fan of Hearts of Space for a number of years, when you actually listened to the radio on a RADIO. For the past couple of years I have been a subscriber to the HOS streaming music option on their website which is linked in the title above. The music featured on the program is exactly as their tag-line indicates "slow music for fast times." The Hearts of Space programs provide a very inspirational soundtrack for me when I am at the computer working on images in Light Room and Photoshop. I don't know what I would do without it as each show is fresh and unique. The streaming option provides a depth of music that would be unachievable through a personal music library. The newest episode is of particular interest to photographers as it features selections from the soundtrack for Ansel Adams biography film. I highly recommend the Hearts of Space streaming option as it has provided me countless hours of beautiful music to enhance my digital darkroom experience. Take care and please check it out if you get a chance.

Kirk Rogers featured on Maine TV show

Please take a moment to visit my good friend and wonderful photographer Kirk Rogers' website for a video clip that presents Kirk's astrophotography to the viewers in Maine, U.S.A. The clip is approximately 5 minutes long and shows Kirk's equipment, images, and the observatory of Rob Burgess where Kirk's gear is housed. Congratulations to Kirk on the feature and I hope you enjoy the show.

Bill Green's Maine featuring the Astrophotography of Kirk Rogers