Orion nebula

An Orion experiment

Now this is simply crazy. I had some Orion Nebula data from WSP that I basically captured on a whim. So in reviewing the data in Light Room I wanted to see just what the new techniques could bring out of this data. Let me state up front that this is simply not enough data to get what I eventually want out of this image. But, it is a great exercise in seeing exactly what the technique can do with very limited amounts of data. I selected 11 of the best frames captured on the Canon 450D and TMB 92SS combination. I optimized each image in LR 2.2 and exported to tiff. I used Images Plus and Sigma clip for the alignment and combination and then processed as normal in PS3. Now one other major error on my part, not that the clouds at WSP had anything to do with it, was that I failed to capture shorter exposures to compensate for the over-exposed core of M42. So I did plug in some old data from other instruments for the core of M42 in this image. There is a fair amount of noise reduction via Noise Ninja applied to the shadow areas. So for only 40 minutes of data with a lowly DSLR, I am very happy with the potential to really capture the Orion Nebula area as I hope next year. My expectations are that two hours of data at ISO 800 will be wonderful data to work with and accomplish my imaging goals. Please drop me a line if you have any questions or comments and I hope you enjoy the image.