bryce canyon national park

Hello Again!

Hello to all and I hope you have had a wonderful winter and spring. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I am producing new work and will be presenting work in many different formats. For instance, you can now join me on Facebook to see what's new. Now Facebook will include a mix of personal and business, but it is a great place to interact and a great way to stay in touch. Please join me on Facebook today.

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P.S. I hope to begin sharing with you new ideas and resources on producing multimedia content featuring HD video. Please stay tuned and drop me a note.

Bryce Canyon

There are images and compositions that bug you until you finally decide to develop them for presentation. This image is one of those that has haunted me for the past year. It is also representative of where my photographic style is going. I will have more on my next photographic project, but for now, this is one of my favorite images from a hike within Bryce Canyon taken last November. I hope you enjoy it.

Bryce Light-February Print of the Month

My first visit to Bryce Canyon was not disappointing. I actually had low expectations as I felt that I had seen all of the photographs and so I really wasn't expecting to see anything new. Boy was I wrong. I was amazed at the quality of light at all times of day. Bryce Canyon is literally a "light theater" all day long as reflected light bounces around and through the various hoodoos, fins, and other canyon structures. It is a location that I long to return to. My first image from the location is simply "Bryce Light." It is the February Print of the Month. The print is fantastic, especially the larger sizes. I hope you enjoy the image on screen.

Bryce Light