Black and White

Tree in Fog

Tree in Fog: Canaan ValleyA new image from our spring workshop in the Canaan Valley area.  Morning light and atmospheric fog create magical environments for photography.  This is a look over the valley near Canaan Valley State park at sunrise.  For a larger image presentation please click on the image and then click on the thumbnail at the bottom of the portfolio.  

Elakala Falls with Black and White Interpretation

Elakala Falls Black and White DownstreamIt is important to experment with black and white interpretations of scenes when the color component is not critical and the image is more about light and structure.  Flowing water lengs itself very nicely to black and white interpretations.  This is not my primary visualization while in the field, but it is one that we need to be mindful of if we are not inclined to view a scene in the eyes of black and white.  

The image may be viewed at this link at the bottom of the portfolio listing.  Please click on the thumbnail for full resolution presentation. 

A Winter Day in Ritter Park, Huntington, WV

A quiet winter day in Ritter Park with hardly anyone else around is as good as photography gets in Huntington, WV.  A winter storm that glanced through our area delivered 4 inches of heavy-wet snow and provided a wonderful photographic opportunity in Huntington.  It also afforded me the first opportunity to test the camera protective bag I blogged about a few weeks ago.  The protective bag worked very well in the wet snow conditions.  I used the 24-105 zoom lens and had just a bit of difficulty retracting the zoom all the way to the 24mm zoom position and had to realign the sleave of the protective bag.  It was a bit frustration at the short end of the zoom, but other than that the bag really performed well and kept the camera perfectly dry.  All images were captured hand-held at ISO 400 with the bag in place the entire time.  All images were optimized in Adobe Light Room 2.5 with only minor clone tools used in PS4.  Enjoy the gallery and please let me know if you have any questions. 

A Winter Day in Ritter Park

San Juan River Gallery...almost there...

I just posted the San Juan River gallery on the website.  I love the way the gallery is presented via squarespace's interface.  The one thing I can't quite get to work is a simultaneous playing of an audio file while viewing the images.  So the next best thing I can do is to provide a link to the music and simply play it in a separate window while you peruse the images.  Here is the link to "Everlasting Light" and please enjoy the show.  Don't forget to activate the "lightroom" mode by clicking on the first image in the gallery and then following the arrow prompts to progress through the show.  Take care.