New Print and Print of the Month Specials

Blackwater Falls, WVThe first image from Blackwater Falls area will be the first image of a new portfolio as well as the first image in the Print of the Month collection.  

The new portfolio will be "water" and will feature works that highlight the artistic beauty of water in nature.  I am very excited about this portfolio and have many other images to come.  

The Print of the Month is a very special offer for one frame and matted size print.  The print size is approximately 16x20 framed to approximately 24x28 and can very slightly depending on the image aspect ration.  The Print of the Month offers savings of 20% over the original retail price.  

The Blackwater Falls print is a compositional element I have been working on involving a "near-far" composition in landscape orientation.  Most near-far compositions have a portrait orientation, but for several reasons, I am exploring the landscape orientation especially in the forests of West Virginia.  

I hope you enjoy the print and please let me know if you have any questions