West Virginia

Easter Veil (NGC 6992)

Part of the Cygnus Loop, the Eastern Veil Nebula is one of the brighter sections of the loop and is visible in telescopes, especially with the aid of contrast enhancing filters.  

Image acquisition: Taken with an AP130EDTGT and modified Canon T5i camera.  60 exposures of 2 minutes at ISO 1600 unguided were combined and processed in Pixinsight with final enhancement in PS CS.  Taken during Greenbank Star Quest 2018.  

Douglas Falls May 2011

Douglas Falls May 2011Revisiting familiar locations and employing new visualization techniques as well as new optimizing techniques is critical to improving your photography.  Douglas Falls is one of my favorite locations in northern West Virginia.  This interpretation is an attempt to capture the scene as it looks to the human eye, but the camera sensor is limited in capturing the scene in this manner.  The techniques used in this capture and processing are what we teach in our workshops and one on one consulting.  If you would like to learn more about this please see our list of workshops or contact me about scheduling your free one on one consulting session.  Please click on the image or this link for a higher resolution image.

Tree in Fog

Tree in Fog: Canaan ValleyA new image from our spring workshop in the Canaan Valley area.  Morning light and atmospheric fog create magical environments for photography.  This is a look over the valley near Canaan Valley State park at sunrise.  For a larger image presentation please click on the image and then click on the thumbnail at the bottom of the portfolio.  

Elakala Falls with Black and White Interpretation

Elakala Falls Black and White DownstreamIt is important to experment with black and white interpretations of scenes when the color component is not critical and the image is more about light and structure.  Flowing water lengs itself very nicely to black and white interpretations.  This is not my primary visualization while in the field, but it is one that we need to be mindful of if we are not inclined to view a scene in the eyes of black and white.  

The image may be viewed at this link at the bottom of the portfolio listing.  Please click on the thumbnail for full resolution presentation. 

Forest Mist

Forest MistSome of the best photographic opportunities are with fog, rain, and mist in the atmosphere.  These elements provide a beautiful light in the forest and one simply has to be on the lookout for the more intimate landscape setting that captures the emotion of the scene.  This image is from the 2011 workshop.  To see the full size image please click on the link and then click on the image thumbnail for lighbox presentation.