Douglas Falls May 2011

Douglas Falls May 2011Revisiting familiar locations and employing new visualization techniques as well as new optimizing techniques is critical to improving your photography.  Douglas Falls is one of my favorite locations in northern West Virginia.  This interpretation is an attempt to capture the scene as it looks to the human eye, but the camera sensor is limited in capturing the scene in this manner.  The techniques used in this capture and processing are what we teach in our workshops and one on one consulting.  If you would like to learn more about this please see our list of workshops or contact me about scheduling your free one on one consulting session.  Please click on the image or this link for a higher resolution image.

Elakala Falls with Black and White Interpretation

Elakala Falls Black and White DownstreamIt is important to experment with black and white interpretations of scenes when the color component is not critical and the image is more about light and structure.  Flowing water lengs itself very nicely to black and white interpretations.  This is not my primary visualization while in the field, but it is one that we need to be mindful of if we are not inclined to view a scene in the eyes of black and white.  

The image may be viewed at this link at the bottom of the portfolio listing.  Please click on the thumbnail for full resolution presentation. 

Flamingo Sunsets

In the winter of this year I had the opportunity to visit the Everglades for a week of photography.  I journeyed over most of the park from the eastern entrances everyday from pre-sunrise to post-sunset.  One location quickly became my favorite after my very first visit.  Flamingo is about 38 miles from the east entrance to the park.  I wasn't setup for camping so I made the drive every day to Flamingo for sunset.


I was looking for a western exposure to the open water where I had a feeling that magical light could happen around sunset.  My first trip to Flamingo was a stark reminder of the the official bird of Florida-the mosquito.  They nearly carried me away that night and I never left my Deep Woods Off at home after that.  The evening was very special as the Florida Bay was dead still and the post-sunset sky glow was reflecting off of the water like a mirror.  This evening was colored by pink and blue pastels in the sky.  The next evening was a little overcast and didn't provide much in the way of special light.  My third evening was specactular.  The pre-sunset sky was full of popcorn clouds and a brilliant sun reflecting off of the bay.  Then it followed up with fantastic post-sunset sky glow and clouds that really made the trip special.  


So it goes without saying that I have found a favorite photo location in the Everglades and will visit this spot every time I am in the area.  

I invite you to view the full size images of Flamingo Sunsets at this link.  


Left Main Waterfall

Left Main BranchContinuing to explore the work from the spring trip to the highlands of West Virginia and I just love the light on the left branch of the main waterfall at Blackwater Falls.  This image is representative of what can be done during an upcoming workshop I am planning.  More details to come soon.  You can view and purchase this image at this link.  You may also order by phone by calling (304) 634-0372.  All major credit cards are accepted.  

"Douglas Falls" added to "Water" portfolio

Douglas Falls, West Virginia, copyright 2010 Jeff BallSpectacular spring greens surround the colorful Douglas Falls in the highlands of West Virginia in May 2010.  The lighting condition were simply perfect on this day for this scene as there were high moderately thick clouds with just enough sun to provide highlights on the lush spring green foliage.  I also viewed a gorgeous Indigo Bunting while photographing in the area.  Spectacular West Virginia scenery in the spring of 2010.  Please don't forget to click on the image for optimum viewing in black portfolio window.  I hope you enjoy the image.