Flamingo Sunsets

In the winter of this year I had the opportunity to visit the Everglades for a week of photography.  I journeyed over most of the park from the eastern entrances everyday from pre-sunrise to post-sunset.  One location quickly became my favorite after my very first visit.  Flamingo is about 38 miles from the east entrance to the park.  I wasn't setup for camping so I made the drive every day to Flamingo for sunset.


I was looking for a western exposure to the open water where I had a feeling that magical light could happen around sunset.  My first trip to Flamingo was a stark reminder of the the official bird of Florida-the mosquito.  They nearly carried me away that night and I never left my Deep Woods Off at home after that.  The evening was very special as the Florida Bay was dead still and the post-sunset sky glow was reflecting off of the water like a mirror.  This evening was colored by pink and blue pastels in the sky.  The next evening was a little overcast and didn't provide much in the way of special light.  My third evening was specactular.  The pre-sunset sky was full of popcorn clouds and a brilliant sun reflecting off of the bay.  Then it followed up with fantastic post-sunset sky glow and clouds that really made the trip special.  


So it goes without saying that I have found a favorite photo location in the Everglades and will visit this spot every time I am in the area.  

I invite you to view the full size images of Flamingo Sunsets at this link.